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Ventilation Engineering Company Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in fabricating BLOWER & SEMIRIGID PVC Ventilation Ducting that find usage in Mines & Tunnels from ranging from 300mm to 3000mm diameter. The company also produces custom made Ventilation Ducting designed as per the specific customer requirements and provided samples. Colliery Equipment & Spares fabricated world class RHINOVOICE Communication Systems which are used in mines and tunnels. This company is the sole selling agent in India for:

  • M/s Funke+Huster Fernsig GmbH of Germany for Intrinsically Safe DGMS Approved Sound Power Telephones for use in Underground Mines & Tunnels, Explosion proof Ex-ResistTel Telephones for use in Refineries & SHIP BUILDINGS.
  • M/s EOL Vent Systems / Sweden for their Axial Flow Fans
  • M/s Chr. Jensen AB, Sweden for their PVC Ventilation Ducting
  • M/s Trefil Arbed Bissen / Luxembourg for their Steel Fibres & Dosing Machines

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Company Pvt. Ltd. is designing and fabricating wide range of Coal Mining Equipment including Cranes, TUGGER/DIRECT/ENDLESS Haulages and Axial Flow Fans for application in mines and tunnels. Safe Plastpack India Ltd. specializes in production of Safestem Waterpacks in collaboration with M/s. Fabron Limited of UK for use in underground mines.

Flexible Hose Industries is the largest Indian PVC, PU, Silicone, Neoprene, Santoprene, High Temperature Fabric Hoses manufacturing company with a foray into exporting markets in different countries like USA, Germany, Spain, Thailand, Singapore, Denmark. We enable the clients to discover a comprehensive range of Flexible, High Performance and Light Weight Hoses. Our business strategy emphasizes sustainable growth, extensive Research & Development activity and a commitment to excellent value and returns through a combination of leverage and consistent quality. We are globally focused and strongly positioned to exploit the growing demand for our products in markets across our presence. The vision of the company simply states the tenacious promise for better quality and innovative products.

We have been consistently striving to enhance overall product qualities through innovation, meanwhile focused on bringing an amazing business experience to customers through significant investment in our infrastructure. At Flexible Hose Industries, we believe that every customer should be able to explore a wider choice for PVC Hose and other housing solutions. We are convinced that offering the most of the benefits that our products create is beneficial for our business as well as for our clients. Our company is driven by remarkable growth, whether it is to improve the life and performance of various industrial equipment and tools. Our commitment to growth and client satisfaction, within a framework of professional principles, ethics financial capacity, is the cornerstone of our long-term business strategy. We motivate our employees to grow within their respective domains and continue to pursue other ways to make the company a great place to work.


We have a sound manufacturing infrastructural set up in Kolkata, India. It makes us technically capable to facilitate interaction among different units like like manufacturing, quality-control, warehousing and packaging for improving our operational efficiency. We use the latest technology related to designing and processing that streamlines manufacturing and designing of a wider variety of hoses like PVC, PU, Silicone, Neoprene, Santoprene & High Temperature Fabric Hoses and enhances the scope of designing to create seamless design.

Clients Satisfaction

Customers' satisfaction is the high profit booster for the company, therefore we work with the single commitment to keeping and obtaining the trust of our clients. We are motivated by passion for superior quality and a complete motley of PVC Hose in different specifications for different application. Our goal is to manufacture and deliver PVC Hose of the premium quality to all our customers, at the same time ensuring satisfactory support related to transportation, shipment. Moreover, our ethical values straddling exporting policies, professional practices, keen prices, make us earn goodwill of enormous national and international clientele.

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